Why am I here…

No, this is not some sort of internal debate about life and what/who created it.  No.  I actually should have worded it, “why should I blog”.

So, why should I?  Do I have more to add than the next person.  Perhaps.  I mean let’s face it, the next person could very well be a complete moron.  In that case, yes, I have much more to add.  On the other hand, if the next person is a former president who attended an Ivy League school…well judging by recent comments, I probably have a firmer grip on reality but maybe not as much to add.

In any case, I have decided to talk/type/write about what I believe is important.  The chances are that I am the only person who will be reading this but nonetheless it will still make for a good venting area.

However, if you (whomever you are) do read this (at this point we need a graph to keep track of the 3rd person/1st person issues within), perhaps it will at least give you an idea of what I think/feel about certain issues.

So, here we go.

Let’s just talk about the stories of the day.  I should really be thankful that so many people do things/say things that become fodder for people like me.  I am a great writer but as was famously misquoted, reality is oh so much better than fiction.

President Clinton:  I seriously do not understand this guy.  I get the whole he was a “people’s president”.  It was cute.  He said things like. “aw shucks” and “gosh darn” and even pretended to understand the “pain” of the middle class.

Yet, here is where it gets fuzzy.  He and his congress went so far left, that the American people revolted and made the Repubs the majority in both the house and senate.  Hmm.  Wait.  I do not get it.  A man of the people who does not understand what the people want.  Does not compute.  Let’s face it.  Clinton is what Clinton has always been.  He is a master (though hardly an adept one) at manipulation.  Need proof.  Cool.  I was looking forward to this part.

First, I am not here to be sweet.  I do not have to be…technically.  I should be civil but it is not a requirement.  However, I will do my best not to move past the ridiculous and into the mean.  But, it is rather tempting.

Let’s talk about terrorism.  I know.  I know.  This is not the most popular word in the world right now.  I am sure that the current administration would prefer the term “man made disaster” or the recent “fringe element” title.  But, let’s be real.  It exists.   In the late 90’s there was a rising star in the terrorism world.   This star was rumored to have helped plan and carry out attacks against the US (both here and abroad).  For this little historical review, we will call this man “Osama”.  H

Here is where it gets interesting.  Clinton was made aware of this person.  He was fully briefed on Osama’s possible (and actual) involvement in terror plots that directly affected American citizens.  However, despite his recent plea for a rewriting of history (where is the victim of an attack by those mean Repubs), Clinton CHOSE not to pursue this terrorist.  Instead he opted to have a little fun playing “hide the cigar” in the oval office.

We need to face the facts.  The fact that Clinton is bitching and moaning about an attack on him by Repubs during his IMPEACHMENT hearings is not only laughable it is actually rather pathetic.  Does this man have nothing else to do?  I know that Hilary has pretty much made him her bitch as of late but please.  Mr. former president, you were being impeached for some very bad things.  You perjured yourself (that means lied).  You used the oval office as a personal shuttle service for pleasure.  You acted like a pimp with about a month to live.  You let a known killer walk.  You pardoned a person who ruined tons of lives.  And now….now, you have the audacity to cry foul after all these years.  You are a joke, sir.

Let me break it down for you.  Most of us were disappointed in your cheating.  However, we are aware that despite the moral wrong, many men (and women) in power fall prey to such acts.  We were willing to move on if you showed sorrow.

And then.   You LIED.  Instead of admitting you were wrong.  You LIED.  You were a lawyer.  You knew full well what perjury was.  And then sadly, you asked someone else to lie for you.  This is why we gave up on you.  This is why I am mad that they were not able to get rid of you.  You should have been a message to statesmen and citizens alike.  “We no longer will allow the corrupt to run anything”.  Sadly, we chose to save your ass because some believed your title more important than you.

You claim that you won that fight.  You did.  If you were on the side of corrupt and pathetic, you won.  No sir.  You were simply another politician who chose to put himself and his penis above the rest of the country.  You were simply another politician who believes that his pleasure is more important than our safety.  Osama thanks you.  The relatives and friends of those who died on 9/11 should abhor you.

Okay, I am done.  And to think that I have a ton of other things to talk about….this could be fun.


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